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Interior Decoration series

ALUIS? is world’s original Aluminium Composite Material (ACM) Total Solution provider, the material is later known as Aluminium Composite Panel (ACP).

ALUIS? Interior Decoration Solution

ALUIS? Interior Decoration series is standard solution for Interior applications. Both solid and metallic colors are of acrylic lacquered coated adequate for typical indoor use such as residential and commercial decorations.

Interior Decoration series is diversified, light weight, durable, and therefore more cost effective against traditional decorative porcelain tiles, wall papers, and plywood sheets in interior decorations.


Since ALUIS? is world’s pioneer of aluminium composite panel since 1997, ALUIS? Interior Decoration series specifications are world specifications:

Alloy0.25 mm G40 hot-dip galvanized steel, refinery certification provided
CoatingOuter face is lacquered coated with exterior-class high performance polyester for transportation use
Inner face is protected with a service coat (not mill finish)
CorePatented light-weight polyethylene
Thickness3.00mm and 4.00 mm
Width1,180 mm
Length2,440 mm
Custom Thickness3.0 ~ 6.0 mm
WidthOn demand
LengthOn demand

Total Solution Family

ALUIS? Interior Decoration series is more than a piece of interior panel. It may come with a variety of surface enhancement such as unique colors and patterns to better suit different application needs. Please select an appropriate one listed on the right menu or directly below:

Solution Option
Alloy TypeSurface Enhancement
ALUIS? Interior
AluminiumSolid / metallic / gloss
ALUIS? BrushedAluminiumBrushed / coarse / hairlined
ALUIS? TextureAluminiumStone / granite / wood / brick
ALUIS? WaveAluminiumOcean-wave grooving
ALUIS? MirrorAluminiumHigh reflection mirroring